We specialize in helping business owners set themselves and their team up for success. Whether you're about to launch a startup or have been operating for years but are having trouble scaling, we're here to help.

In order for your business operation to run as efficiently as possible, you need all parts working together. If your marketing team, fulfillment team, customer service team, and executive members are all doing things totally independent of each other, there will be frustration, gaps, and an overall inefficient use of company dollars. By understanding your goals and current operation, we're able to provide feedback on ways to improve teams, processes, and overall collaboration. 



An audit can be extremely helpful for getting a strategy on paper for you and your team to share and refer back to as needed. With your permission and granted access, we'll take a look at everything you're doing and provide feedback on ways to improve. This includes both specific action items and an explanation of how each suggestion ties together towards reaching your goals. 



Consulting can be provided either in addition to or in replacement of an audit to address specific concerns or questions you may have. We can also provide similar feedback and suggestions as you'd find in an audit, but in a more conversational format if that's most helpful to you. Consulting is billed on an hourly basis, so we can take as long or short as you need. 



Learn at your own pace while the president of our agency breaks down all you need to know about launching your own online store and an introduction to marketing via Facebook/IG Ads, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. The full course contains approximately 10 hours of content including branding, Shopify setup, theme customization, prelaunch checklist, recommended apps, and more. You can purchase access to the courses here