When we were first introduced to the Bedrock Bakers through Peter, owner of Nuts ‘N More, we were impressed by their lovely website and personable owners. When we found out they were just a small family owned business on Long Island that had grown their Pagel business with little to no marketing efforts, and instead based on word of mouth about the incredible quality of their product, we had to learn more!

For those of you that aren’t familiar, a Pagel is a paleo-bagel. These little baked delights are not only paleo, but also certified gluten free, vegan, Kosher, grain free, keto friendly, and 100% natural. This unique product has allowed thousands of individuals with dietary preferences and restrictions to enjoy bagels again, without having to sacrifice the taste or texture of the real deal. Many customers have even commented that they prefer Pagels to traditional bagels, regardless of the dietary benefits!

We started out by making some small functionality tweaks to the site, which lead to the idea of building out a strategy around their Email Marketing. When that went well, we suggested running some Facebook Ads, too. They had only dabbled with ads in the past and had never seen any success on this platform, but they embraced the opportunity to give it another go. We can’t tell you how much we love clients with an open mind and trust in the process!

The very first month running Facebook Ads for the Bedrock Bakers, we saw a Return On Ad Spend of over 4x! This gave us the green light to double down efforts here, invest in a professional photographer for content building, and begin growing this brand!

Just over a year later, we can see that the YOY comparison has produced a 256% increase in overall online sales from before vs after our services. We also increased their subscription members by 903%, which involved migrating their subscription provider from Bold to Recharge, moving all members and active subscriptions to the new platform, setting up retention systems to prevent unnecessary unsubscribes, and strategically promoting joining the Pagel Club across marketing efforts and website features.

We’re so excited to see what this year will bring and how many homes we can fill with delicious, fresh baked New York Pagels!