Nuts ‘N More came to us with an incredible product and an open mind, which we knew was a recipe for success right off the bat!

We learned that, with the help of investments and connections through Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec from their airing on Shark Tank in 2013, they were able to expand exponentially into grocery retailers across the country and even internationally. They also had a very strong Amazon team working with them to grow that channel, but their online store and it’s marketing efforts had never gotten the attention needed to grow and develop the brand on a platform they owned.

The first year working with Nuts ’N More we focused our effort on the following goals:

- Get “on brand” across the website and all marketing platforms, then move that brand forward in unity.

- Profitably expand market reach through Facebook ads, Affiliate Program, and Sample Offers.

- Grow recurring subscription members for consistent, reliable monthly income.

- Streamline shipping operations by determining and auto-applying package settings based on cubic inches, shipping methods, weight, and location.

- “Move to mobile” with a custom branded mobile app, available in both Apple and Google Play store, with push notification and checkout capabilities.


We successfully completed all of these goals and increased their KPI’s significantly across the board. We particularly saw the best results on increasing their ROI from Facebook Ads and growing recurring subscription members by optimizing the sign-up flow and strategically promoting the subscription program, known as the “Nut Club.”


Moving into year 2 with Nuts ‘N More, we’re focusing on continuing to grow Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing as strong platforms for growth and conversion, as well as add in some expansion goals. These new goals include:

- Set up distributor locations in the Middle East, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This includes expansion Shopify stores and international marketing efforts.

- Expand sample offerings and cross promotional product kits through new platforms like Carro and Samplee.

- Provide free, added value for current and potential customers by offering content from Accredited Nutritionists and Fitness Coaches.


As Nuts ‘N More’s success story continues to grow, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of their team! Stay tuned for updates on this year's expansion efforts.