Dad bod apparel is a lifestyle brand that creates funny, relatable, and aspirational apparel for, you guessed it, dads (and moms!)

Their brand had taken off like wildfire during Father’s Day 2020, but 2 years later, the owner was struggling to not only maintain consistent month-over-month sales, but do so profitably.

Within the first 2 months working with Dad Bod Apparel, we were able to reduce their Cost Per New Customer* by 68% and generate over 100 pieces of UGC.

As we continue working with Dad Bod moving forward, we’ll be focused on not only continuing to grow the brand profitably, but also further developing the brand image on their website, social media, and email marketing. Our goal is to communicate the high quality, reliable, and professional dad-run business they truly are through their online presence.

*Total advertising cost divided by total new customers