In March of 2020, Sail Away Coffee Co. was hit hard from the effects of COVID-19’s arrival to the United States. Located on Long Island, NY, they were one of the first to go into full lockdown. With the majority of the company’s business being through local coffee shops, they had no option but to make an abropt move into ecommerce in order to keep selling their product.

Sail Away Coffee Co. not only made a transition to online, they modified their business model and came out stronger than ever! They did technically have an operational online store, but with very little sales or focus on growing it until March. The week we were brought onto the team, they were launching a collaboration campaign with a local doughnut company delivering fresh NoFo DoCo doughnuts and Sail Away cold brew coffee to the doorsteps of house-bound New Yorkers.

Our job was to:

1. Promote the new Doughnut + Cold Brew Delivery Service to local New Yorkers via Facebook/IG Ads.

2. Retarget customers who purchased the Doughnuts + Cold Brew to then purchase Cold Brew 6/12/24-packs and Box Taps, and ultimately join The Clubhouse, which is their recurring subscription.

3. Help the team with operational and shipping logistics for the unprecedented spike in online sales.

We immediately jumped in with Facebook/IG ads and migrating them to a more robust Email Marketing platform, where we set up campaigns and flows to maximize the impact of the message and retarget/followup with customers efficiently.

The next step was to build out a custom Clubhouse page that let customers build their own subscription boxes with the coffee flavor/styles they wanted.

Within 3 months, they went from under 40 to over 400 Clubhouse members.

Finally, we helped them to set up appropriate shipping profiles, integrate and setup Shipstation for bulk label printing, update product variant details, provide full scope KPI and P&L Reports to see net margins across the company and identify any possibilities for improvement, and eventually launched a full site redesign.

We’re excited to see this company continue to grow and adapt to whatever life throws at them!