P-nuff Crunch came to us just a few months after airing on ABC's Shark Tank. They had a huge spike in online sales when they aired, but weren’t sure how to maintain consistent revenue moving forward.

The first thing we did was pop up a subscription option to get as many people as possible into recurring orders for consistent income from customers who tried the product during the airing and were interested in re-purchasing.

Secondly, we started working on a packaging redesign, as suggested by new co-owner, Mark Cuban. Having the subscription model allowed us to maintain consistent sales without much need for ad spend while we were working on perfecting the new branding, so that the ad spend could later be put to better use once we knew we were ready to scale with the new look and messaging.

P-nuff Crunch Updated Packaging

We also revamped the website, and accompanying branding materials - business cards, digital assets, brand identity documents, brand guidelines, etc. Through many conversations and branding exercises with the owner, Dr. Juan, we were able to express the messaging he had been wanting to communicate all along by establishing a brand mission and look that resonated with his core audience - health conscious individuals with active lifestyles looking for a nutritious way to keep them going while curbing their snack cravings.

P-nuff Crunch Updated Website

During the rebranding process, we gathered as much information from current and potential customers as possible to make sure we were hitting the mark. P-nuff Crunch just launched their rebranded packaging and introduced a NEW snack pack size, which customers have been asking for. These snack packs have also been perfect on the marketing end for new customer acquisition though sampling, driven by Facebook/IG ads to a dedicated new customer landing page, where we’ve compiled all the golden nuggets anyone new to the brand would need to know to understand the true value of the product.

We’re so excited to continue working with P-nuff Crunch to scale their brand this year with the new look and same incredible product!