Truth Bar is a name well known to some, and brand new to others. At its peek in popularity, you could find a Truth Bar at almost any health food grocery store and customers couldn’t get enough.

Our first conversation with the formulator of the Truth Bar, Diana Stobo, happened just months after she had successfully secured ownership rights and was ready to get back into action, returning her high quality gut health solutions to current fans of the product, and to introduce it to brand new customers as well.

The goal was to #1 acquire new customers and #2 grow the brand with consistent monthly revenue. To do so, we built out a funnel model, introducing brand new customers to the product via samplers and leading them all the way through the customer journey to becoming a recurring subscriber to monthly shipments. In our first 10 months (to date) working with Truth Bar, we were able to acquire thousands of new customers at less than $10 Cost Per New Customer* and secure hundreds of monthly subscribers, with an average monthly increase of 43%.

Another hurdle to growing the brand was discovering that what had once worked well as social media content was now getting virtually no engagement or reach. We knew we had to switch things up and change with the times.  Our dedicated social media manager was able to breathe life back into the social representation of the brand through engaging reels focused on inspiring wellness and the benefits of functional foods. In the past 3 months alone, we’ve increased the Instagram engagement by 190%. 

*Total Ad Spend + Ambassador Program Cost divided by Total New Customers